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About Our Company

Who We Are

ZippiFlex is a premium virtual assistant company based in Sri Lanka with staff members worldwide and was launched in May 2023. With a simple monthly membership, we provide highly qualified assistants that entrepreneurs, business owners, and personnel can rely on to represent their companies and handle accountable jobs.

Our organizational culture reflects our innate desire to support one another and our customers. We encourage our team to overcome obstacles and to appreciate what makes us unique. Our departmental collaboration practices, which produce a whole and complete win for everyone, set us apart. We provide each other with encouragement, hope, and inspiration for the future.

Why are you still waiting?

Why Us

Discover the ideal, highly skilled remote workforce you require promptly and effortlessly, bypassing the customary protracted recruitment procedures.

Adaptable Virtual Assistants – Tailored to Your Needs

Seamless Experience – Streamlined Payment

Confidence and Assurance – Compliance is Key

Introducing ZippiFlex – Your Partner for Hassle-free Staffing Solutions

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Our Testimonials

What our clients are saying

Jake Willson CEO

I am quite pleased with Zippiflex's work. They are excellent communicators and dependable around-the-clock. We're pleased to refer to them as a partner.

Henry George Director

Making money as a digital agency is really difficult. Our living expenditures were too expensive. By hiring remote workers, we have been able to cover our costs while making a profit. We were able to move from a break-even point to a profitable one thanks to it.

Kelly Brook HR Manager

My own process of outsourcing took a while, but now that Zippiflex has put me in touch with a fantastic WordPress developer, I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner! I can now concentrate on doing what I enjoy most: spending time with and providing value to my clients.