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ZippiFlex is a dedicated group of premium virtual assistants committed to helping busy business owners, entrepreneurs, and people organize their lives and accomplish their goals. We are a virtual assistant company with experience serving clients worldwide with dependable and efficient services.

Our team is a pool of seasoned and proficient virtual assistants who are dedicated to achieving exceptional outcomes and delivering top-notch customer service. We recognize the significance of your time and are here to assist you in maximizing its value. Whether you require a dedicated assistant or occasional support, we’ve got your needs covered.

At ZippiFlex, we firmly believe that productivity and success are attainable goals for all. That’s why we are fully committed to empowering our clients to accomplish more, attain more, and gain more. Our mission is to alleviate your stress and enhance your organization, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Trust us to help you simplify your life and achieve your goals.


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We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.
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A Good Virtual Assistant Ensures Success

At ZippiFlex, we understand that extraordinary business owners require exceptional assistance. To give great support virtually that is catered to your needs, we only selectively admit the top 2% of applicants with the necessary experience, attitude, and talents.

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Executive Administration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why us?

Dedicated virtual assistants
Seamless experience
Adaptable workforce
Assurance and tranquility

How many hours per week does a VA work?

Our dedicated staff are committed to a minimum of 20 hours per week, with the capacity to accommodate up to 40 hours. Additionally, they are equipped to handle overtime when necessary, and this will be invoiced at the standard hourly rate.

How soon can A VA start?

Your VA can start working immediately and straight away

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Kelly Brook HR Manager

My own process of outsourcing took a while, but now that Zippiflex has put me in touch with a fantastic WordPress developer, I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner! I can now concentrate on doing what I enjoy most: spending time with and providing value to my clients.

Jake Willson CEO

I am quite pleased with Zippiflex's work. They are excellent communicators and dependable around-the-clock. We're pleased to refer to them as a partner.

Henry George Director

Making money as a digital agency is really difficult. Our living expenditures were too expensive. By hiring remote workers, we have been able to cover our costs while making a profit. We were able to move from a break-even point to a profitable one thanks to it.

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